Rachael Willment

Rachael Willment is a Session Singer based in the South of England.

She currently has 21 years of vocal training behind her, and has a BA (Hons) in Professional Musicianship with the British & Irish Modern Music Institute.

She covers a wide variety of different styles, and has worked to a high standard in both studio and live capacities, being known for a highly professional attitude and efficient recording style.

Rachael currently performs with Women In Rock UK and The Power Ballad Show. She also takes on various freelance work, as well as offering singing lessons both at her home and online. As a teacher, Rachael teaches students at various levels of difficulty, and tailors her lessons to suit the individual's needs.


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Alongside her gigging and session work, Rachael also offers singing lessons from her home in Exeter. She is able to teach at any level of skill from beginners, to very technically advanced. She is also available to give last minute audition advice.

As someone who sings in many different styles herself, Rachael can offer tutoring for a variety of genres, with a specialism in Musical Theatre. She can also offer her knowledge of music theory. Rachael charges £30 per hour, and can be contacted through this website, or directly on 07910267611.

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Rachael first started working with us as a dep singer and as a result of the impression she made, is now a full member of the group. From the start, Rachael worked hard to learn all of our material, paying attention to the finer details. Her talent, professionalism and easy-going nature make her a dream to work with. An incredible vocalist and a natural performer; I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her for work. - Jennifer Greene, Band Manager - Women In Rock

I have worked with Rachael in UK Pink Floyd Experience and The Power Ballad Show, and she always delivers. Her punctuality and professionalism are second to none, and she’s always fun to have around. The power and range of Rachael's voice are deeply impressive, and she adds a touch of class to any production. I have no hesitation in recommending her for other shows - as long as she keeps singing in mine! - Paul Andrews, Producer - The Power Ballad Show

Rachael is wonderful, not only a super vocalist with an amazing range, but a truly lovely person to have around. Well organised and always with a smile on her face, she adds value to any project without even thinking about it! - David Power - Producer and Director, UK Pink Floyd Experience Limited

Rachael is amazing. She's a real talent. A big vocal range, hugely versatile, reliable, quick, always on-time. She's a first-choice singer on many of my sessions. What more is there to say? - Kevin Porée - Producer, Engineer

Rachael is not only a fantastic vocalist but a valuable member of any group. She is always on time, quick to respond to email, well prepared and eager to work... Which now I think of it is damned near perfect!! - Thanks Rach! - Jason Day - Drummer (Replica Radio)

Working with Rachael is an absolute joy. Her time-keeping is impeccable, her vocal range and depth of musical knowledge and experience are considerable, and she picks up melodies and harmonies in the blink of an eye. The utter professional. - Dave Charles, Writer, Arranger

Rachael was an absolute asset to the band. Professional, reliable and a fantastic singer. I would not hesitate to recommend her. Dan Dyson, Band Leader

Rachael is a very accomplished vocalist. Working with Rachael was extremely easy and her attitude is nothing but professional. I would recommend her to any producer or project in need of a vocalist. - Ben Williamson, Engineer

Rachael is a fun and professional vocalist to work with. After dueting with her earlier this year I would not hesitate in asking to work with her again. She delivered a great performance even with the job being put together last minute! - Megan Sayer, Vocalist

I love working with Rachael because she is organised and when you want her to do particular things as a backing vocalist she is polite and productive and she always does a great job. It's enjoyable to work with Rachael as she has a great personality as well as great harmony skills and blends beautifully with my voice. - Kiara Ditrana, Vocalist, Songwriter

I have been writing, recording and producing music for many years and for many clients requiring differing products across many different styles. Good session singers can quickly turn an OK product into an exceptional one. Being a good session singer isn't just about being technical or a good sight-reader. It is about understanding what is required, resonating with the client and having the musical ability and agility to be flexible, collaborative and inspirational. I have worked with Rachael on many occasions. Her professional approach, dedication and attention to detail make her an ideal choice for any project. Rachael has a wide vocal range with excellent control over timbre and pitch. Her ear for timing, harmony and blend enable simple and effective layering in real time, which is a massive bonus when track building. Neil Kavanagh - writer and producer.



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